Mirae Asset enhances business agility with Accops solutions, achieving secure remote work, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance while maintaining service excellence during challenging times.
Mirae Asset India stands as a prominent and rapidly growing Asset Management Company (AMC) in India, operating as a subsidiary of Mirae Asset Global Investments, Korea, a well-respected global entity. Embracing a collaborative approach, the organization manages a diverse investment platform. Mirae Asset provides innovative investment solutions, assisting clients in building portfolios while striving to generate sustainable returns and enduring value for investors. Their expertise extends to Mutual Funds, along with alternate investment funds and advisory services.
  • Potential data leakage risk from unsecured access via mobile workforce and untrusted networks.
  • Business risks and security concerns due to inadequate visibility and control over user endpoints.
  • Productivity loss from delays in IT support and issue resolution.
  • High IT maintenance costs, performance limitations, and scalability issues.
  • Zero trust-based gateway allows access solely from authorized devices.
  • Integrated facial authentication within identity and access management.
  • Data leakage prevention ensures secure mobile workforce access to corporate resources.
  • Top-tier endpoint data security and management.
  • Enhanced productivity via secure, device-agnostic work environments.
  • Assured business continuity amid COVID-19 with smooth remote work transition.
  • Improved operational efficiency with centralized, automated IT management.
  • Mitigated risks through enhanced endpoint control, integrated DLP features, and robust audit logs.
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