Why enable secure access to SaaS applications
Secure remote access
Create a secure virtual browser that runs within the data centre, providing a secure way to access any SaaS application.
Read-only access
Enable read-only access to SaaS applications from unmanaged devices or untrusted network.
Data protection
Preventing copy-paste, printing, print-screen, screen recording and file upload-download functions in the endpoints to ensure compliance.
Centralized control
Provision, control and manage applications and access profiles for BYOD devices from a centralized location.
Accops enabled secure access to SaaS-based apps
Cloud applications have opened new opportunities for enterprises to work remotely. Unlike traditional in-house applications, SaaS applications can be launched and scaled up or down instantly. They provide the flexibility to choose the modules required by an organization and pay only for what they use. Anytime, anywhere access of critical SaaS based applications such as ERP, CRM, emails etc. have increased productivity and flexibility of the workforce manifold. Although SaaS-based applications ensure complete security when data is at rest within the data center of SaaS providers, they are vulnerable to endpoint risks like identity breaches and data thefts. With loopholes in security of SaaS applications, organizations are always at risk of compromising critical information. Although there are solutions available to plug the loopholes, the individual solutions are either too costly or too complex for companies to use.

Accops provides an easy and affordable solution for enterprises to secure their SaaS applications with complete protection from any kind of security threats. Accops solution has integrated MFA to prevent identity thefts and also comes with data leakage prevention features. The solution also has strong device entry control features, and can enable real-time device health check, providing an extra layer of protection to SaaS applications.
Products Used
End-user computing virtualization
Zero-trust Access Gateway
Identity & Access Management
Device entry control
Endpoint device scanning to allow access only from compliant and uncompromised devices.
Contextual access
Grant access to the right corporate assets for the authorized users in the right context.
Data leakage prevention
Block printing, screen recording, copy-paste as well as access to local PC storage or USB storage devices.
Detailed audit logs
User activity reports on who accessed what, when, where and how ensures detailed auditing and compliance.
Strong multi-factor authentication
Enable MFA or provide SSO for web-based applications and SaaS apps to provide an extra layer of security.
Single integrated portal
A single integrated portal to access web based applications and SaaS based applications along with hosted applications and desktops.
Use Cases
  • Allow secure access from unmanaged devices
    Secure access to applications from anywhere, any device, by creating airgap between user PC and corporate resources.
  • Prevent data leakage in BYOD
    Block data download, copy-paste, print-screen and screen recording functions to avoid intentional or unintentional data leakage.
  • Mitigate risks arising out of remote work
    Validate user based on multiple parameters, and allow only authorised devices from approved locations to access SaaS apps.
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