Improved security
An MDM solution controls remote access to confidential data and provides secure, state-of-the-art, and rational mobile security throughout the organizational network.
Lowers costs
MDM reduces the costs of an enterprise extensively as users can use their own devices and access virtualized apps and desktops remotely.
Better flexibility & workflow management
An enterprise can leverage technology using an MDM solution that facilitates quick and efficient collaboration with users working remotely in a secure environment.
Simplifies IT exigencies
MDM streamlines IT operations
by consolidating all the IT
tasks of an enterprise into a comprehensive platform and supports administrators with tools to manage the mobile device network efficiently.
Why Accops HyMobile
Simplified deployment
Easy to deploy and configure email, Office 365, Android Enterprise Zero-touch, Apple DEP, URL, QR code, etc.
Enrolment is done based on
IMEI and serial number. ROM enrollment enables the
silent removal of unwanted applications from a device.
Enhanced security
Follows stringent DLP policies to restrict sensitive data access to authorized users only. Enforces
password policy by IT administrators to help them configure and adjust password policies to restrict users while creating a new password. Tracks
compliance violations that
evaluate and detect the root cause of breaches.
Advanced device monitoring
Offers real-time tracking of a remote device’s location.
Provides geofence-based
alerts when a user enters or
exits a geographical region. Monitors device health, data,
and battery usage through
DeepDive analytics.
Browser management
Facilitates website whitelisting
to retain listed websites only and block untrusted ones. Remotely clears browser cache to erase
user’s browsing activity across different devices. Disables navigation and hardware keys
on browser kiosks for
safety concerns.
Accops HyMobile is a secure, instinctive, and adaptive Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. It enables organizations of varied sizes to safeguard and manage endpoints such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, mobile apps and content, rugged devices, POS systems, electronic signages, and much more. This powerful solution offers modern MDM, Mobile Application Management (MAM), and Mobile Content Management (MCM) experience for corporate-owned devices through a single dashboard.
Mobile application management
It securely allocates the enterprise
applications through the respective
enterprise store. It directly finds and
publishes applications from the App
Store and Google Play Store for iOS
and Android devices.
Mobile content management
It distributes and manages enterprise
files on mobile devices and ensures
the requisite resources are securely
accessible to authorized users only
using approved devices. It uploads
and pushes the content via the
dashboard and the mobile devices
receive it in the inbuilt FileDock app.
Remote cast & control with voice call
This feature lets the administrator
view and control a remote device’s
real-time screen from the dashboard.
They can also troubleshoot any issues
with the on-field registered devices
over voice calls with users or even
set up standalone kiosks.
Role-based access control
Using this feature an organization
can restrict network access to
individual users based on their roles
within an organization. Limiting
network access of certain enterprise documents and files to authorized
users only guarantees the security
of organizational sensitive data
and critical applications.
HyMobile communication suite
This single highly controlled communication
application offers seamless access to users
across an organization. It is a cloud communication suite for iOS and
Android devices that transforms
user engagement.
Use Cases
  • Reinforce data integrity
    Secure your digital devices by enforcing data accuracy, consistency and containerization with a flexible and scalable solution to address your on-the-go needs.
  • Provide seamless connectivity
    Achieve high-speed access to your business apps from any portable device and location with a smooth and secure instant solution at your fingertips.
  • Alleviate IT complexities
    Mitigates organizational IT challenges, simplifies online operations using digital devices and apps, and generates a business upswing through fully managed, dedicated devices, and BYOD.
  • Enforce organization-wide compliance
    Empowers IT administrators to register digital devices, configure stringent corporate policies, distribute apps and content easily.
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