Virtual labs on demand for hands-on learning experience
Digital tools and infrastructure are as much a part of educational institutes today as books. It thus, becomes imperative for academic institutions to manage and maintain resilient digital infrastructure and provide teachers and students all the necessary resources to support learning across curriculum and streams. Accops, with its proprietary Virtualization and Remote Access Solutions, helps educational institutes create, manage and monitor virtualized ICT labs and empower students and teachers with anywhere, anytime access to the lab environments from any device. With Accops solutions, educational institutes can provide schedule-based access to existing physical labs as well. Accops Virtual ICT Labs are custom designed to meet specific needs of institutes with strained IT support and budget. And is easy to use for all teachers, lab assistants and students without any sort of IT hand-holding. Accops solution also helps institutes in infrastructure optimization as departments within an institute can use shared server infrastructure to create labs as per their requirements. Using the Accops solution, college and universities can conduct examinations, lab assignments, hackathons and hands-on workshops, to ensure a holistic learning experience for students even during pandemics or natural disasters.
Self Service
Teachers can schedule lectures and allocate or de-allocate resources as per needs without hand-holding by IT teams. Enable students to self-study on demand.
Orchestrate virtual labs
Provision a single virtual laboratory for teachers as well as students, providing them access to dynamic resources in real time during lectures.
Access from anywhere
Enable web-based secure remote access to labs without any software installation on user PCs/BYOD devices.
Strong authentication
Strong MFA to allow only authorized users to access labs and monitor who accesses what and at what time. Role-based access and management to restrict users to running limited applications and prevent them from copying data.
Audit logs and analytics
Get detailed reports about lab utilization. Use application and user behaviour data to improvise education content and assess ROI of lab infrastructure.
Infrastructure optimization
Departments within an institute can use shared server infrastructure to create labs as per their requirements and provide scheduled access to their students.
Use Cases
  • Enable study from home during pandemic
    Enable students to have the same experience of accessing labs as during pre-Covid19 times, and provision them with all the tools necessary while accessing labs.
  • Enable self-study from anywhere
    Students can study anytime with any device without travelling and can make their own reservation for ICT labs or generic lab machines.
  • Empower faculties
    With a self-service enabled interface, faculties can make changes to labs on their own, including deploying new labs without requiring IT support.
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