Enable mobility for increased efficiency and reduced operational expenditure
Power, gas and oil companies across the globe function in notoriously volatile environments, grappling with continuous fluctuation in demand and prices. IT departments work under tremendous pressure to reduce operational costs and secure data in a widely dispersed and highly connected sector. To remain profitable, companies need to look for ways to increase operational efficiency across the entire supply chain, right from data centres to distribution channels. What the sector needs is a simple digital workspace solution to address their mobility and security concerns. Accops solution is an efficient and cost-effective way to securely deliver applications to workforce and third-party partners. We can help energy companies become more agile and efficient, reducing its operational costs and securing the enormous amount of data being generated. Our end-to-end solution empowers IT teams to streamline management and have better control over endpoints. Accops solution is available both on-premise and from cloud, giving the flexibility the sector needs.
Remote access
Enable users to work from anywhere by providing secure remote connections to their office PCs and internal applications or virtual applications & virtual desktops.
Multi-factor authentication
Integrated strong authentication through multiple token options (SMS, Email, mobile app, pc software) or biometrics adds a strong layer of security.
Device entry control
Endpoint device scanning to allow access only from compliant and uncompromised devices.
Contextual access
Grant access to the right corporate assets for the right, authorized users in the right context.
Linux & thin client support
Seamless integration with Linux-based thin clients & zero clients. Thin clients reduces TCO by 40% compared to desktops.
Detailed audit logs
User activity reports on who accessed what, when, where and how ensures detailed auditing and compliance.
Use Cases
  • Replace PCs with thin clients
    Use highly rugged thin clients with average lifespan of 7-12 years. They are perfectly suitable for harsh environments like warehouse floors, shop floors etc.
  • Reduce IT burden and costs
    Minimize time, effort or money spent on setting up & managing additional infrastructure for remote access. Enable employees, vendors to work from anywhere.
  • Increase user onboarding speed
    Provide all users, third-party vendors with instant on-demand access to corporate resources from their own devices and get them all onboard without any delay or security concerns.
Customer Stories
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