The leading energy and environmental engineering firm empowers its distributed workforce with on-demand, secure access to critical business applications
Thermax is a multi-million dollar company with global operations, providing a range of energy and environmental engineering solutions, headquartered in Pune, India. The company designs, builds and commissions large boilers for steam & power generation, turnkey power plants, waste heat recovery systems and air pollution control projects.
  • Mitigating data security concerns associated with the open Internet utilization of their diestributed and mobile workforce
  • Reduce the high IT maintenance costs
  • Improving visibility on user activities and control over endpoints
  • Secure delivery of business applications through application access gateway to vendors, BYOD & mobile users.
  • Strong multi-factor authentication was integrated into the solution to provide an additional layer of security.
  • Data leakage prevention features were enabled
  • Strong control over endpoints
  • Secure enterprise mobility
  • Reduced IT operations costs
  • Improved user experience
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