The workspace has gone hybrid. A large segment of the workforce is working from home today, accessing business applications and data from various locations, using varied devices and in different ways. Thus, organizations all over the globe are looking for ways to transition from a hardware-based IT infrastructure into a completely software-defined infrastructure. They are trying to enable their workforce to be productive, securely and seamlessly, regardless of their locations, or devices and networks they use. But data security concerns, IT infrastructure complexities, and increased costs associated with setting up a digital work infrastructure pose many hurdles for organizations.

Accops Digital Workspace provides a comprehensive, zero-trust-based end user computing solution, enabling secure and instant access to business applications from anywhere, any device and any network. The Accops solution suite includes End-user Computing Virtualization via application & desktop virtualization (VDI), ZTNA-based Application Access Gateway and Identity & Access Management solutions, helping organizations to roll out remote work solution swiftly within days. Integrated MFA, device entry control, data leakage prevention, contextual access, user experience and monitoring features make it perfectly suitable for long-term work-from-home as well as hybrid work scenarios. It takes care of all remote access, application virtualization, VDI, MFA, identity federation, SSO and thin client needs, sparing organizations the need to juggle multiple product points or handle multiple vendors. Accops Digital Workspace solution is highly modular and flexible to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes, providing seamless access to modern web applications, SaaS applications, client-server applications, legacy applications, virtual applications and virtual desktops.
Use Cases
  • Ensure regulatory compliance by securing critical applications
    Provide anywhere, anytime access to business apps to increase mobility & productivity.
  • Empower BYOD users
    Allow employees, consultants and vendors to use devices of their choice, without having to compromise with security or to hinder workflow.
  • Secure remote access for developers
    Allow 3rd party developers to remotely access software development tools, leaving no data trace on users' devices to ensure regulatory compliance.
Zero trust-based access
Enable ZTNA model-based remote access at application layer to ensure maximum network security.
Data leakage prevention
Block printing, screen recording, copy-paste as well as access to local PC storage or USB storage devices. Also enable browser isolation to control access to Internet during work.
Device entry control
Endpoint device scanning based on multiple parameters like anti-virus status, firewall status, OS patch updates, browser versions to allow access only from compliant and uncompromised devices.
Secure container OS for BYOD
Use Accops Nano, and provide users with a customized and hardened Linux based live operating system delivered in a consumer grade USB 3.0 storage device which is free from any keylogger or malware.
Contextual access
Grant access to the right corporate assets for the right, authorized users in the right context. Enable access control at every level. Allow or deny access based on location, time & device health.
Detailed audit logs
User activity reports on who accessed what, when, where and how ensures detailed auditing and compliance.
Multi-factor authentication
Integrated strong authentication through multiple token options (SMS, Email, mobile app, pc software) or biometrics adds a strong layer of security.
Single integrated portal
A single integrated portal to access all modern web applications, SaaS applications, client-server applications, legacy applications, virtual applications and virtual desktops.
User productivity monitoring
Monitor user productivity using log on & log out time, as well as time spent on different activities and applications.
Accops Workspace Silver
Accops Workspace Gold
Accops Workspace Platinum
Windows 10/8/7 based Personal Virtual Desktop
Windows Server based Personal Virtual Desktop
Linux based Personal Virtual Desktop
Windows 10 based Shared/Pooled Virtual Apps & Desktop in Azure
Windows Server based Shared/Pooled Virtual Desktop
Linux based Shared/Pooled Hosted Desktops
Windows 10 based Virtual Applications
Windows Server based Virtual Applications
Linux based Virtual Applications
Remote access to physical PCs: dedicated/floating pool management
Support for on-premise VMWare vSphere, Nuntanix AHV, Microsoft Hyper-v, Microsoft SCVMM with complete VM provisioning, power management and monitoring for delivering virtual apps & desktops.
Support for Azure WVD with complete VM provisioning, power management, and monitoring for delivering virtual apps & desktops.
Support for dynamic power management with customized per day plan to save on Azure cost.
Support for AWS Cloud with complete VM provisioning, power management, and monitoring for delivering virtual apps & desktops and with dynamic power management with customized per day plan to save on AWS cost.
Support for KVM, Xen, GCP for Virtual apps & pooled shared desktop delivery
Application containerization and sandboxing for virtual apps & applications within virtual desktops, based on user and device context
User Experience Monitoring and Management
Self-Service for Users for Session performance management
Virtual IP address for each user session for pooled desktop or virtual apps users
Accops Shell for virtual desktops
Secure File upload/download work flow
Application isolation using MSIX packages with efficient one click application delivery
User profile management using FSLogix and UPD
Contextual Application access and application sandboxing for virtual apps & virtual desktops
Virtual Training Lab provisioning, management and access
Seamless USB peripheral redirection for virtual desktops and virtual apps running on personal virtual desktops with Windows 10 or Linux
Enhanced USB peripheral redirection for pooled virtual desktops and virtual apps running on Microsoft RDS Server
Add-on Component
Add-on Component
Support for eTokens for digital certificate signing on Windows or Linux based virtual apps and desktops
Built-in reports and support for external SIEM servers
Accops Reporting Server
Why Accops Digital Workspace
Integrated MFA with biometric authentication
Zero trust model-based access gateway
Strict device entry control to allow access from only authorized & compliant devices
Sandbox computing and application containerization
Contextual Access to virtual apps & desktops
Hypervisor agnostic, works with VMWare vSphere, Nutanix AHV, Microsoft Hyper-v, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and more
Lower TCO with maximum features compared to competitors
Flexible, Agile, Affordable