The third largest PSB of India adopts Digital Workspace to enable compliant access to SWIFT & CBS applications from office as well as home
The third largest public sector bank in India is widely known for its customer centricity. The bank, which was established in early twentieth century with the objective to help improve the economic conditions of the common people, is headquartered in Bengaluru and owned by the Government of India. Over the years, the bank has been scaling up its market position to emerge as a major ‘financial conglomerate’ with as many as ten subsidiaries/sponsored institutions/joint ventures in India and abroad.
  • Productivity and experience were hampered as treasury department users had to use two PCs to access SWIFT and CBS applications
  • Risk of security breach & non-compliance with RBI regulations
  • Business risk due to potential data leakage from users’ devices
  • High IT infra & management costs
  • Application & Desktop Virtualization (VDI) solution
  • Jump server implementation for SWIFT as per RBI compliance
  • Zero Trust Application Access Model with access limited to bank’s approved device only
  • Data leakage prevention by restricting user activities
  • Thin client hardware with zero data traces
  • Productivity improved as users can now use one PC to access both SWIFT & CBS applications
  • Secure remote access to critical apps in work-from-home scenario
  • Strict compliance through biometric authentication and DLP features
  • 50% lesser TCO compared to competitive solutions
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