Life Insurance Corporation of India
The Indian state-owned insurance and investment corporation enables secure access from outside corporate network to internal business applications
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Life Insurance Corporation of India is a 60-year-old Indian state-owned insurance and investment corporation. LIC, which is one of the most trusted brands in India, has approximately 2000 branches spread all across the length and breadth of the country. LIC has divided its business into 8 zonal regions for ease of control over the respective branches in the region. There are as much as 1.5 lakh agents on the payroll of the company. For a business that is so operations-heavy with such a high number of branches, LIC has garnered great respect and trust from its customers and so, it is popularly referred to as “Pension Provider of India”.
1. Poor application performance over internet
2. Preventing access from unauthorized devices
3. Security issues when providing remote access
4. Supporting Linux based end devices
LIC India has over 2000 branch offices, spread all across the country. Users from all of these branch offices use their mobile internet or broadband connection to connect to the central corporate office, which is the only data center accessible over internet. While providing remote access, the management has to ensure complete security, and mitigate all end-point related security issues. Another challenge that had to be overcome was the inability to support their applications in Linux based devices. Also, LIC India's applications performed poorly when delivered through internet.
1. TLS 1.2 encrypted remote connectivity was enabled using application access gateway
2. LIC application can be run natively in browsers even when MPLS link is down, using satellite office proxy server
3. SPAN technology ensured faster application performance over internet
Products Deployed
1. Secure, encrypted connectivity over internet without any endpoint management
2. Easily scalable as per business needs
3. Faster application performance
4. Seamless access even over low bandwidth networks
5. Contextual access, device entry control and detailed audit log
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