Why enable BYOD
Increased productivity
Empower employees to use devices of their own choice to boost productivity, flexibility and agility.
Allow users to securely access corporate applications and data anytime, anywhere, using any device.
Reduced costs
No need to provision corporate devices to all users or vendors. Save costs of setting up end-user computing infrastructure
Data security
Safeguard critical business apps and data to ensure strict compliance to privacy and cyber security mandates.
Accops enabled BYOD
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) not only ensures mobility and flexibility for employees but also enables organizations to implement work from anywhere overnight in case of an emergency. Provisioning a laptop or desktop to every user across the organization involves huge costs, which small companies cannot afford. Typically, two-third of the employees use their personal laptops and desktops to access office PCs or internal applications remotely. But organizations cannot control users’ home PCs or laptops due to privacy related issues. Thus, for organizations looking to leverage BYOD, data protection is a serious concern.

Accops BYOD solution enables enterprise mobility by giving a freedom of choice to employees, while keeping security in the hands of IT. It creates a secure container in the user device, enabling access to corporate applications as well as virtual apps and virtual desktops delivered through Accops Digital Workspace. The out-of-the-box security features block Internet and prevent data storage into the local hard drive or any other USB drive while using Accops solution. It can also enable multi-factor authentication as well as device controls to prevent unauthorized access and use. Using Accops solution, organizations can focus on business continuity without worrying about security compliances.
Products Used
End-user Computing Virtualization
Zero-trust Access Gateway
Identity & Access Management
Read-only, Live OS in a USB
Flexiblity in usage
Allow BYOD users to access business applications through either access gateway or VDI, depending on need.
USB-based access
Use Accops Nano, a customized and hardened Linux based live operating system, which is free from any keylogger or malware. It works on any consumer grade USB 3.0 storage device.
Device scans for compliance
Scan endpoint devices for anti-virus status, firewall status, OS patch updates, browser versions to ensure strict security compliance.
Multi-factor authentication
Enable strong MFA which adds an extra layer of security and helps organizations have better control over data.
Data leakage prevention
Block printing, screen recording, copy-paste as well as access to local PC storage or USB storage devices. Also control access to Internet during work.
Simple management
Complete remote manageability of devices, including installations, upgradations, OS patching etc., reducing burden on IT teams.
Use Cases
  • Quickly onboard remote users
    Allow work-from-home users to use devices of their choice, without compromising with security or hindering workflow.
  • Comply with regulatory norms
    Integrated MFA with biometric and data leakage prevention features to ensure strict compliance with guidelines of regulatory bodies like RBI, GLBA, FFIEC etc.
  • Prevent data leakage in remote endpoints
    Allow access only from compliant devices. Block data download, copy-paste, print-screen, screen recording, printing features and control users' internet access.
Customer Stories
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