Why switch to green Thin Client computing?
Optimize OpEx
Lesser operational expenditure and better hardware lifecycle compared to traditional desktop computing.
Save power
Traditional PCs consume 50W-100W of power, where as thin clients' power consumption is as low as 5W-15W.
Simplify management
Installations, upgradations, OS patching can all be done from a centralized location without IT admins' presence locally.
Data security
Critical business data and applications are stored and secured within the datacenter, leaving no trails in endpoints.
Accops enabled Thin Clients
Desktops have been an inseparable part of enterprise computing for decades. Unfortunately, traditional desktop-based endpoints are difficult to secure and manage, costlier to deploy and replenish. IT teams spend a considerable amount of their time installing and upgrading applications and fixing problems in individual endpoint devices.

Accops offers Thin Client as a solution that is suitable for both VDI-based computing and local computing, helping enterprises reduce costs, increase security, ensure more efficient management and easy scalability. With most applications and sensitive data being centralized at a remote data center, all hardware and software upgrades can be done from one location, simplifying management. This reduces downtime and increase productivity of IT staff as well as end users. Users cannot copy data locally or install unauthorized software or applications in the endpoints, protecting corporate resources from malware attacks and data breach attempts. Accops Thin Clients consume 70% less power and is highly cost-effective when compared to conventional PCs. Moreover, Accops boasts a wide range of products, catering to varied needs of organizations.
Products Used
Thin Clients & Zero Clients Hardware
End-user Computing Virtualization
Zero-trust Access Gateway
Identity & Access Management
Optimized for VDI
Optimized for VDI scenarios to reduce the TCO of endpoints and maximize the ROI from virtual workspace deployment.
Kiosk enabled devices
Kiosk mode to allow users to perform only a given set of operations & prevent them from doing anything else apart from the intended usage.
Full desktop mode
Hybrid devices which support full desktop mode for local computing, while avoiding the typical issues and high power consumption associated with PCs.
Hyper smart devices
Auto configuration through detection of available network resources. The device turns itself off to save power when not in use.
Powerful SOC performance
New generation CPUs to provide superior digital media performance and rich HD visuals.
Multiple interfaces
With different interface ports like serial ports, parallel port, USB ports, DVI-I port, perform multiple operations efficiently.
Use Cases
  • Improve security through data centralization
    Control every device, apps & OS in your network to prevent security breach, by virtualizing & delivering desktop apps from centralized datacenter.
  • Enable secure remote access
    Allow zero trust-based remote access through dumb end points which can be used as VPN/VDI terminals.
  • Protect data from virus infections
    No possibility of a virus infection. As absolutely no data is stored locally, a virus-infection, if at all happens, will only affect the RAM, which can be fixed by a simple reboot.
Customer Stories
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