Zero Trust-based comprehensive Work-from-Home solution
With unmatched data protection features, Accops provides end-to-end work-from-home solutions comprising Zero Trust-based Secure Access Gateway, Virtual Applications, VDI and Identity & Access Management and helps businesses mitigate security concerns & ensure business continuity.
Two-factor authentication for 3rd party VPNs
Most VPN solutions provide secure connectivity but do not come with built-in, strong two factor authentication and contextual access features. Accops HyID enables adaptive risk based multi-factor authentication and device context security. Accops provides multiple integration points including RADIUS, SAML and LDAP proxy. Accops HyID also provides detailed audit logs on who accessed what, when & how and protects corporate resources from unchecked access by privileged users.
Accops Virtual Office with complete data protection is now available
Ditch your physical office space and get a Virtual Office in Azure cloud with a complete pay-as-you-use model. Powered by Microsoft WVD, Accops Virtual Office is customizable to suit the different needs of SMEs. Built-in audit trails & strong DLP features which block copy-paste, print-screen, screen-sharing, data download, printing and restrict user internet access, ensure complete data protection.
Impact Stories
Nonstop learning from home
The Covid-19 pandemic has made millions of students switch from real time classroom learning to learning from home. ICT lab-based learning is among the best ways to learn but without access to physical labs, universities have to find new ways to deliver hands-on educational content. Accops HyLabs transforms the physical PC based labs into virtual on-demand ICT labs. With a self-service enabled portal, students and faculties can reserve and access ICT labs at their convenience.
Secure access for unmanaged PCs
Enabling the use of personal PCs for corporate application access is the fastest and most cost-effective way to ensure productivity of users during the pandemic. However, unmanaged PCs open doors for a host of cyber threats originating from endpoints, aimed at corporate networks. Accops Nano OS provides a secure containerized read-only OS that can be used by BYOD users to connect to corporate network and access corporate apps to help organizations ensure highest level of security.
Uninterrupted remote work for VOIP users
Protection of customer privacy and ensuring compliance with data regulatory norms is among the top priorities of customer service teams, who normally work under strict supervision. But, maintaining a similar level of security and monitoring in a remote work environment is a tough ask. Accops, with its DPAN technology, provides real time access to VOIP telephony application in addition to CRM applications delivery with full data protection, enabling best voice quality even over low-bandwidth networks while protecting customer data and meeting data compliance.
Products we offer
Digital Workspace
One integrated solution suite to take care of remote access, VDI, MFA, identity federation, SSO & thin client needs.
Zero Trust Access Gateway
Secure access to corporate applications, data and network resources anywhere, anytime.
End User Computing Virtualisation
Application & Desktop virtualization for secure access to corporate workspace from any device.
Identity & Access Management
Contextual Access Control with Multi-Factor Authentication & SSO for on-premise & cloud applications.
Biometric Multi-factor Authentication
Biometric MFA for any legacy & modern application as well as third party VPNs & VDIs
Agentless Browser-Based Access
Secure access to virtual applications & desktops via a HTML5 browser on any device.
ICT Lab Virtualisation
Virtual lab solution with automated lab orchestration for educational & training institutes.
Green End Point Devices
Hybrid, energy-efficient endpoint devices to replace legacy PC-based computing.
Secure Container OS for BYOD
Instant, secure access to business applications & virtual desktops for BYOD users.
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