Case Studies

Accops solutions help organizations of all sizes become more agile, efficient & secure than ever

Kalupur Bank
One of the oldest banks in India switches to ZTNA-based solution for remote access, cheers customers with 45x improvement in resolution time
Alphasure Accountants
Alphasure adopts DaaS to enable work from anywhere, records 70% drop in attrition & saves 50% on office rent
A Prominent IT Services Provider
One of India's leading IT Services Providers uses Accops DaaS to reduce OpEx by 25% & ensures BAU during Covid-19 crisis
Maveric Systems
One of India's leading Bank Tech specialist wins new customers & optimizes OpEx by 20% using Accops’ secure & simple remote access solution
An e-Commerce Major
A major e-commerce firm in India eliminates data security concerns using Accops’ Application Access Gateway
The Third Largest Public Sector Bank of India
One of India's largest PSBs adopts Digital Workspace to enable compliant access to SWIFT & CBS applications from office as well as home
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