Globally renowned Indian pharmaceutical company, Wockhardt, achieves IT consolidation & centralization and provides faster remote access
Wockhardt is one of the leading Indian pharmaceuticals companies with branch offices spread across 20 countries. Their pharmaceutical products tend to have a direct impact on the health and well-being of several lives across the globe. Wockhardt is a critical player in the Indian pharmaceutical industry.
  • Distributed IT infrastructure with limited support availability
  • Low bandwidth networks in certain branch offices resulting in poor experience and low productivity
  • Security of internal data and business applications
  • A highly secure and fast VDI-based solution was deployed
  • All corporate data was centralized and business processes were streamlined
  • VDI data was further compressed to ensure speedy access at low bandwidth
  • Centralized IT infrastructure
  • Faster remote access
  • No data trails on endpoints
  • Increased productivity of end-users
  • Bandwidth optimization
  • Consistent high-quality user experience
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