Why enable multi factor authentication.

Comply with Industry best security practices.

Application Data Protection

Protection of critical business applications from data thefts.

Flexible Authentication

Access to various tokens across SMS, Email, Hardware token and biometric etc.

Identity Protection

Protection from generic password, preventing data credential thefts.

Security Compliances

Follow latest industry security standards and practices.

Accops enabled Multi Factor Authentication

2 million data records are stolen every single day. With employees always on the move or remote location, business applications are accessed from anywhere anytime and from any device. Enterprises like to govern and have complete control over enterprise data and business applications. With unmanaged and untrusted devices accessing business applications from remote locations, organizational data is at risk. To add to that, it is a common activity for employees to use generic combination of username and password thus making the application vulnerable. Accops Two factor authentications can be used to add an extra security level over existing business applications and thus help organizations regain complete control over organizational data.


Protect business data and fulfil security compliances.

Flexibile Token Support

Supports OTP via SMS, Email, Mobile App,& Biometric Tokens.

Protection from untrusted logins

Scan third party endpoints and grant access only to trusted devices.

Monitor & Track user activities.

Granular device reports, detailed user audits enable efficient tracking.

Security compliances

Define policies to fulfil security compliances & standards.

Secure access to SAAS applications

Seamless and secure access to any SaaS application from any device.

Privileged Access to Administrators

Stronger control to administrators helps in governing business applications.

What our Customers Say

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Industry Use Case

Learn how Accops Solution helping major industries of all Sizes become more efficient & Secure than ever



Ensure additional security layer over regular username and password.



Authorize anytime, anywhere access to doctors.



Control functions such as download, copy or print ensuring security.


IT & Telecom

Enable multiple tokens for secure access.



Privilege access management to critical business applications.



Authenticate unmanaged endpoints based on multiple tokens.