Textile maker switches to thin clients to boost efficiency on shop floors & reduce cost of endpoint computing
This textile manufacturer is a part of a global conglomerate and is among the top publicly listed companies in India. Incorporated in 1940s, it started as a textiles manufacturer and has steadily evolved into a leading diversified player with a leading presence across many sectors. It is a leading global producer of Viscose Staple Fibre and the largest Chlor-Alkali, Linen, and Insulators player in  India. It aims to create sustainable value for its 24,000+ employees, 230,000+ shareholders, society, and customers. It produces a wide range of Viscose Staple Fibre (VSF) to suit customer needs in terms of length, denier, and color.
  • Shop floor operations took a hit due to frequent breakdown of PCs and long resolution time at the plant
  • Poor user experience due to unstable internet connectivity
  • Recurring expenses due to shorter hardware lifecycle in the harsh and corrosive environment on the shop floors
  • Excessive burden on the IT team to physically attend and manage a vast number of endpoints
  • Application & desktop virtualization
  • Rugged thin client endpoints
  • Centralized administration & management
  • Productivity increased and overall operational efficiency improved as downtime reduced
  • Improved IT team's efficiency as installations, upgradations, OS patching can all be done from a centralized console without IT admins' presence locally
  • Improved user experience due to faster resolution and quick data recovery
  • Reduced OpEx due to increased hardware lifecycle & 70% lesser power consumption by thin clients
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