Why Microsoft AVD with Accops
Enterprise grade management
Enable a full blown, completely managed virtual apps & virtual desktops delivered as a service in an enterprise environment for a large number of users.
Integrated data protection
Enable contextual, zero trust-based access, integrated MFA and data leakage prevention features to ensure compliance.
Cost effective
Reduce costs with automated power management & by using same VMs to deliver apps as well as session-based desktops.
Access from anywhere
Enable mobility & flexibility to let end users work from anywhere, using any device and any network.
Accops powered AVD
Accops provides instant, secure and comprehensive work-from-home/anywhere solutions, powered by Microsoft AVD, to businesses of any size. With out-of-the-box contextual, zero-trust based access and strong MFA features, Accops’ Digital Workspace enables organizations to simplify their remote work infrastructure. Accops, a Microsoft Gold partner, adds value on top of Microsoft AVD offerings, providing a full-blown virtual apps & desktops service suitable in the enterprise environment. Value-added features, like Azure cost saving, productivity monitoring, endpoint compliance checks, and web-based granular management, help simplify the overall management and reduce costs per user. Accops supports pooled & personal virtual desktops as well as virtual applications delivered from Windows10 multi-session & Windows RDS server. Accops supports latest Microsoft Team audio and video optimizations. Accops’ comprehensive solution offers more compliant access to virtual desktop, and seamless access from Linux-based thin clients, driver-less printing & USB redirection, data copy control, contextual access with granular & flexible device policies and much more.
Kiosk-based VDI with data security
Strong DLP features which block copy-paste, print-screen, screensharing, data download, printing and restrict user internet access. Customized watermarks can be added to VDI.
Flexible power management
Enable shutdown of the VMs (including pooled VMs) if they are found idle, and reduce costs. Create different usage plans for workday, weekends and holidays.
Enhanced Windows 10 multi-session
Network, registry & files virtualization features enable more use cases using Windows 10 multi-session, which otherwise require personal Windows 10 per user.
Built-in audit trails
Built-in audit trails with detailed logs of historical time-series data on who accessed what, when & from where and for how long. It also helps in productivity monitoring.
Linux & thin client support
Seamless integration with Linux-based thin clients & zero clients. Thin clients reduces TCO by 40% compared to desktops.
Strong authentication
Features like integrated MFA including facial authentication, continuous user monitoring ensures compliant access from home.
Use Cases
  • Pay-as-you-go model to optimize costs
    Quickly deploy remote work infrastructure and provide secure access to virtual apps and virtual desktops. Pay as you go to meet short-term remote productivity needs.
  • Simplify management with a flexible, single-view console
    Use RDS-based, Linux-based desktops, mix of virtual apps & desktops on the same VM. Provide web-based flexible management console with delegated administration, single view management for on-premise and cloud deployments.
  • Build a strictly compliant virtual workspace
    Build a complete virtual workspace with strong MFA, DLP as well as data storage, back up and disaster recovery features.
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