Secure business data for vendor access

Scan & authorize external device access based on pre-defined policies.

Secure Remote Access

Read only access to personal unmanaged devices outside corporate network.

Strong Endpoint Control

Organizations can manage and have entire control over third party devices.

Applications Consolidation

Provisioning of business applications is controlled by IT team from a single location.

Data Security

Critical data is secured within datacentre with zero data trails on vendor devices.

Monitor & Secure Vendor Access

Enterprises often deal with third party consultants or vendors on a day to day basis for various projects. Vendor or consultants’ assignments are typically either temporary or contractual in nature. During the time period when vendors are active, they have access to the corporate network or a part of business application. Enterprises hardly have any control over the vendor endpoints and this is a serious threat for enterprises. A single malware in any vendor endpoint can open possibilities of affecting the entire corporate network. Vendor devices having access to critical data makes organizations vulnerable to data breaches or data thefts. Moreover, corporates do not have complete control over type of devices or software or applications used by any of their third-party vendors while accessing the corporate network. With Accops, enterprises are able to govern the business data and restrict access to managed devices only. Enterprises using Accops can enable instant vendor access without having to worry regarding security.


Protect business data and fulfil security compliances.

Limited Access

Read only access to untrusted devices or devices outiside of corporate perimeter.

Device compliance scans

Scan third party endpoints and grant access only to trusted devices.

Identity Protection

Multi Factor authentication provides extra layer of security to trusted devices.

Security compliances

Define policies to fulfil compliances and follow best security practices.

Granular User Audits

Monitor user audits & track reports for detailed user information.

Endpoint control

Stronger control over third party endpoints to protect business data.

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Industry Use Case

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Restrict 3rd party device access to known and managed devices only.



Perform device compliance scans and set compliance policies.



Protect confidential business data from vendors.


IT & Telecom

Authentication to restrict secure access to managed devices.



Vendor or third party access to privileged devices only.



Restrict unauthorized access outside of corporate perimeter.