Why do you need Secure Access to SaaS applications

With usage of SaaS applications on the rise, enterprises need to regain control over cloud applications.

Contextual access

Extend on-premise perimeter security policy to SaaS applications.

Identity Protection

Enable seamless multi-factor authentication.

Enterprise Data Security

Enable read-only access to SaaS application from approved devices.

Monitoring & Auditing

Better monitor and audit access to your application and data.

Accops enabled Secure SaaS Access

Cloud applications have opened new opportunities for enterprises to work remotely. Anytime anywhere access of SaaS based applications such as ERP, CRM, emails, etc has increased productivity and flexibility of the workforce by multi-fold. However, with the increased benefits enterprises using SaaS softwares tend to have very limited control over the business and other critical data on the cloud applications. With loopholes in security of SaaS applications, organizations are always at risk of compromising critical information. Although there are solutions available on the loopholes, the individual solutions are either too costly or too complex for companies to use. Accops provides an easy and affordable solution for enterprises to secure their SaaS applications with complete protection from any threats.


Secure SaaS based applications

Seamless Conditional Access

Hassle-free access to cloud applications to trusted devices only.

Strong Two Factor Authentication

Device based authorization for managed devices only.

Tracking of application access

Granular report on devices or users logging into applications.

Provide Read Only Access

Enable read only access to unmanaged devices or untrusted network.

Restrict access to managed devices

Only enterprise managed devices can access SaaS applications.

Flexible Tokens

Token support available over mobile, email etc.

What our Customers Say

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Industry Use Case

Learn how Accops Solution helping major industries of all Sizes become more efficient & Secure than ever



Restrict SaaS based access to known and managed devices only.



Perform compliance scans and set compliance policies.



Protect confidential business data on SaaS based applications.


IT & Telecom

Enable multiple tokens for secure access to SaaS based applications.



Ensure SaaS based access to trusted and managed devices only.



Restrict unauthorized access outside of corporate perimeter.