HyLabs enables dynamic ICT lab provisioning solution for universities, training institutes and training departments within corporates.

Universities have large campuses, fragmented budgets with computing resource utilization needed to be optimized. Desktop virtualization is a well adopted solution to reduce PC management however, off-the-shelf desktop virtualization products are difficult to adopt by Universities as their user base needs more integrated solution. Faculty expects to have more control over the lab and students need anywhere, anytime access to the lab environment. Typical VDI is not flexible to provide seamless management access due to steep learning curve and higher support issues.

Accops Hylabs is a custom built desktop virtualization solution for universities and institutes catering to the specific functional needs. HyLabs allows flexibility to faculties to deploy and manage labs on their own with any intervention from IT or requiring any prior knowledge and training of the underlying infrastructure.


Accops Hylabs helps institutes in lab provisioning allowing them to have control over IT and gives students the flexibility of anytime, anywhere access.

Easier Lab Management

Manage university labs virtually, enabling all documents and applications on the go.

Empower Faculty & Students

Self service portal enables faculties and students to provision and access labs anywhere, anytime.

Saves Time and Cost

Optimum resource utilization while reducing infrastructure cost & time for institutes.

Remote Lab Access

Enable remote access to ICT labs to empower remote students to study from anywhere.

HyLabs enables educational institute to provision labs for anytime, anywhere access to students.

  • Virtualized Orchestration of ICT lab

    Single Portal Virtual desktop management.

  • Time-based Provisioning

    Conflict-free sharing of the virtual lab infrastructure.

  • Better Digital Learning

    Learning analytics enabled for improved education quality.

  • Self-serviced RMS portal

    Virtual assistant bot keeps faculty informed on lab timings.


Time & Resource Optimization

Desktop Pooling

Desktop Provisioning

Learn how Accops Solution helping Organizations of all Sizes become more efficient & Secure than ever.


Japan's 2nd largest university

Japan's second largest university enabled dynamic lab provisioning for their faculties & students.

Learn more detailed information about Accops HyLabs with the following frequently asked questions.

What is Accops HyLabs Solution?

Accops HyLabs is a lab virtualization solution for universities and educational institutes.

Why should I go for Accops HyLabs?

With HyLabs, Educational institutes get to control lab infrastructure virtually and get to save costs on infrastructure and maintainence. Students get the freedom to achieve anytime, anywhere access from any device.

What all hypervisors does it support?

Accops HyLabs supports major Hypervisors in market like VMware ESXi, Nutanix and Microsoft Hyper-V.

On which OS can we access these Desktops and Applications?

Yes, Applications and Desktops are accessible on all the major OS platforms such as Windows, Linux, MAC, iOS and Android. We have clients available for all of them.

How secure is Accops HyLabs?

Accops HyLabs provides below security features:
- TLS based encryption
- Students have limited access
- Role based access and management
- Detailed Audit Logs
- Policy based strong authentication and device control

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