With remote work having emerged as the new normal, enterprises need a modern security approach to protect their digital workspace. At the core of this modern security approach, lies the user authentication mechanisms.

It is no secret that passwords, by themselves, are not secure enough anymore. While several businesses rely on OTP-based Multi-Factor Authentication, it may not be reliable at all times, particularly while protecting the identity of critical users.

Facial recognition-based biometric authentication overcomes the security limitations of typical OTP or push notifications-based authentication, while providing additional benefits like improved user experience and lowered backend technology costs. By using continuous biometric authentication – facial verification that keeps taking place on a rolling basis, once every pre-set time interval, businesses can futureproof their security architecture.
Use cases of biometric authentication & continuous monitoring:
  • Replace traditional OTPs & token-based authentication
  • Deliver office-like compliant workspace at users' homes
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory norms
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