Enable secure access to patient data to deliver consistent care across centres
Healthcare organizations across geographies are facing unprecedented challenges today due to the spike in cyberattacks, targeting sensitive patient information and highly valuable R&D data. Increasing demand for mobile healthcare options, such as in-home healthcare, telehealth, etc., and healthcare professionals' need for on-demand access to data have rendered organizations more vulnerable. Legacy apps and systems are no more equipped to handle the modern-day security threats. Accops Digital Workspace helps healthcare providers in protecting sensitive personal data and patients' health information. Healthcare providers can ensure complete network security and data leakage prevention while providing secure access to patient infromation from anywhere, anytime, and any device. Accops solution comes with integrated identity and access management solution, enabling strict policy framework, contextual access, and real-time risk assessment. Accops helps healthcare providers simplify their IT administration and deliver resources to end users from a centralized datacentre, ensuring strict compliance with HIPAA, GDPR and other regulatory frameworks. In a nutshell, Accops solution helps healthcare industry adopt a secure and robust Digital Workspace, focusing more on patient care than security and compliance concerns.
Secure access
Configure granular access policies and provide contextual access to users and ensure strong data security.
Streamlined workflow
Streamline clinical and business workflows for operations and services management. Deliver secure, real-time access via Internet.
Centralized control
Control & manage distributed devices, virtual desktops and applications from a central location.
Strict compliance
Ensure compliance with regulatory norms like HIPAA, GDPR and other country-specific data security guidelines.
Support legacy applications
Provide secure access to unsupported legacy applications, without having to upgrade or replace them completely.
Detailed auditing
Gain insights into who accesses what, when and from where to ensure data sanctity and regulatory compliance.
Use Cases
  • Enable secure telehealth
    Allow users to access patient information from anywhere and any device to provide healthcare services remotely, without leaving any data trails on the endpoints.
  • Empower BYOD users
    Allow employees, consultants and vendors to use devices of their choice, without having to compromise with security or to hinder workflow.
  • Secure vendor access
    Allow third party vendors to remotely access internal development tools and applications, leaving no data trace on users' devices.
Customer Stories
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