The richness of the Internet and its wide adoption have paved the way for a variety of applications and protocols. However, most of them were not built to secure the Internet but use it to deliver business outcomes. Focus veered to security once bad actors started exploiting the same applications and protocols for unwarranted gains.

Businesses deploy various endpoint security and network security solutions, but hackers are always one step ahead in finding new loopholes. Most organizations focus on perimeter security as their cybersecurity strategy. To defend against increasingly elusive threats, organizations must focus on the endpoints through which most of the threats originate, rather than just focusing on securing an increasingly amorphous network perimeter.

One such endpoint-focused security mechanism is the usage of a Remote Virtual Browser (RVB) running on a remote computer in an isolated network to make the Internet available to an enduser.
Use cases of biometric authentication & continuous monitoring:
  • Protection against all advanced security concerns
  • Consistent security for remote users
  • Prevention of critical data leakage
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