Markets like Japan are looking for alternatives to US products

Sunday, November 27, 2016 |

Vijender Yadav and Mohan Bhat have built a security product that helps businesses deliver their business applications securely to their end users. Their Pune-based venture Accops works with over 350 enterprises, out of which over 100 come from Japan, Central Europe, and UAE. A quarter of its revenue comes from outside India. Accops, founded in 2012, has been cash positive and has so far not raised external funding. It is now trying to build a bigger base in the UK.

Yadav: "We are still a small team, so we haven't accessed the US market yet. India isn't a significant market, so we know we have to go global. When we started we had to prove to Indian consumers that our product was better than what they were then using. So large enterprises were a big challenge.

We were never very keen on getting VC funds. And that helped, because companies that have taken external funding are pressed to show numbers. Our global competitors, Citrix and VMware, are pretty big in the US. Companies abroad have been pretty receptive. Markets like Japan are always trying to look for alternatives to US products. We are serving a market that is underserved. We will start raising funds in the next six months, and slowly enter the US market."

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