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The Browser is The Desktop

Accops HyLite provides a high-performance HTML5 RDP Client enabling agentless browser based access virtualized corporate workspace delivered via HyWorks, Microsoft Remote Desktop Services or Linux Based Terminal Services. Powered by HySecure and HyWorks, HyLite enables ultimate enterprise mobility by enabling TLS protected and multi-factor authentication enabled access to corporate applications from any device with a HTML5 browser. Enterprises can enable BYOD and extranet user access to bussiness applications & Corporate workspace in seconds compared to hours and days when doing traditional desktop computing. HyLite a true zero management application.


True, Zero Management Application Delivery Solution

Deliver Applications in Seconds to Distributed Workforce & Extranet users

Deliver a secure browser inside a browser for web applications that needs data protection

Deliver Heavy Bandwidth applications over slower networks


Simple, Web based management of distributed devices

Deploy new virtual desktops in minutes


Pool thousands of virtual desktops and manage then easily :


All virtual desktop management in a single pane



Functionality Full Mode HyLite Mode
Agent Installation Required Yes No
Login user experience Fast Faster
TSE application launch time Fast Faster
Access from slowest bandwidth (64Kbps) Not Recommended Good
Access from Linux, MAC OSX, iOS, Android Yes Yes
Access from Windows Phone, Blackberry No Yes
Access from 3rd party Thin clients No Yes
Access from Airport Kiosks, Hotel Kiosks No Yes
Login as domain/workgroup user Yes Yes
Running on https Yes Yes
Login with One Time Password (HyID) Yes Yes
Anonymous Login Yes Yes
Device ID based Login Control Yes Yes
Password Self Service Portal Yes Yes
Virtual Browser Delivery No Yes
Hosted Application access Yes Yes
Virtual Desktop Access Yes Yes
Idle timeout Yes Yes
Reconnect to existing sessions Yes Yes
Easy PDF based printing Yes Yes
Native Printing Yes Yes
Clipboard support for hosted applications Yes Yes
One Side Clipboard redirection Yes Yes
Printing restrictions Yes Yes
File Sharing – Drag & Drop Yes Yes
local drive mapping Yes No
Audio support Yes Yes
Desktop background support Yes Yes
Windows animation support Yes Yes
Windows themes support Yes Yes



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