Union Budget 2019: Read what IT industry expects

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 | www.itvoice.com

Mr. Vijender Yadav, CEO at Accops Systems

The current government has a strong push for Make in India and digitally enabled government services. The trend seems to continue in the right direction with the availability of faster and affordable connectivity across urban and rural India. Along with pushing the digital India initiative, there is a growing need of focus on enabling secured digital transactions right from the beginning. We saw Aadhaar continuously questioned for the security of the biometric data. There are multiple incidences where the government’s investment was put at huge risks because of negligence on cyber security. It is time that the government starts keeping a specific budget and focus on cyber security as well. The Make in India and Startup India programmes have pursued to bring the Indian IT and cyber security companies to forte. The IT budget is an opportunity for the government to push the agenda further by enabling government organisations to adopt made in India cyber security products by proving specific budgets. Cyber threats are the new weapons exploited by state-sponsored entities. In line with the defence budgets, the government must start allocating specific budgets for cyber-defence as well.

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