Accops Is To VDI What UTM Is To Perimeter Security

Monday, December 18, 2017 |

Delhi: With the disruptive time and technology, the entire enterprise market is looking for innovative solutions which are scalable, agile and automated. Here is a company – Accops, which disrupts the enterprise work space environment with its VDI solutions that are heavily focused on application delivery with security.

SME Channel: Briefly tell us about Accops’ genesis?
Yadav: Accops founders with collectively more than 40 years of expertise in Network Security, endpoint security & Virtualization had identified that the available products in the markets are much more complex & require solutions from multiple vendors make a comprehensive workspace virtualization solution. Before Access, the founders worked with VPN manufacturing companies and realized that VPN are not enough when it comes to application delivery. Application virtualization solutions were provided by other vendors and stronger authentication and Thinclients were offered with completely different vendors. Organizations had difficult time understanding when they need which type of solution. They came together in 2012 to form an integrated, simplified workspace virtualization product that delivered all the functions organizations need to deliver their business applications and desktop workspace to end users. Accops was formed as a one stop shop for workspace virtualization, assisting businesses to consolidate and secure their desktop IT infrastructure using proprietary VDI and remote access technologies. Accops is to VDI what UTM is to perimeter security.

SME Channel: What kind of solutions are you offering?
Yadav: Accops enables businesses to virtualize, secure and deliver their application and desktop IT infrastructure from data-center using its proprietary VDI and remote access technologies. Accops addresses following address following concerns:

  1. Consolidate IT infrastructure: Organizations can consolidate their application and desktop management into data center and bring all the management to central location. Currently the desktops infra is distributed across the organizations network, leading to higher cost of management, growth issues and security issues.
  2. Security: Organizations can secure their applications and data by delivering it from database with policy based access Also endpoints and users are always targeted for vulnerabilities. By virtualizing and delivering applications from data center, the data is secured by design and applications can be prevented from network based attacks.
  3. Mobility: Organizations can deliver their business apps to any user, any device when the applications are delivered from datacenter. Allowing access to vendors, consultant, work from home users and roaming users is difficult when applications are to be installed on user PC. With workspace virtualization, any business application can be delivered over a browser.
Accops Solution resolve these security & mobility concerns, Accops product suite consist of wide range of offerings both in terms of Software & Hardware for Security concern:
  1. HyWorks: Accops HyWorks is a VDI orchestrator solution to create, manage and deliver virtual hosted applications and virtual desktops from the data center or any Cloud.
  2. HySecure: Accops HySecure is an application access gateway with SSL VPN function that enables secure Remote access to corporate applications & desktops.
  3. HyDesk: HyDesk are Hybrid, Low Power, green endpoint devices for corporate environment replacing legacy PCs.
  4. HyID: HyID is multi-factor authentication platform, to business-critical applications with one-time password, bio-metrics parameters validations, and more, ensuring detection and prevention against identity thefts and misuse of privilege rights

SME Channel: Why Accops virtualizations solutions are competitive in nature?

  1. Integrated solution suite for complete application and desktop virtualization and delivery
  2. Single Vendor to deal with for End User Computing
  3. Reduced complexity
  4. Low TCO & Flexible licensing model
  5. Product Customization based on user requirements
  6. Faster, Adaptive, Agile & Flexible

SME Channel: Why do you think Accops is going to resolve enterprise CIOs challenges?
Yadav: CIOs are looking for consolidation and automation and drive organization growth by deploying an agile and scalable infrastructure. However traditional desktop computing limits the CIO in achieving must of this goal. As the organization grows, the pain associated with desktop computing continues to grow. With Accops’ integrated workspace virtualization solution, CIOs can disrupt the desktop computing game and move to fully automated, auto scale, auto failure IT infrastructure, while keeping the costs to the minimum.

SME Channel: Name some of the vertical or customers who have been using Accops solutions successfully?
Yadav: Accops products are trusted by more than 350 customers globally and across India, includes large enterprises like Wockhardt, NSEIT, Thermax, Deutsche Bank, Axis Bank, Bharat Forge, several Government organizations in Japan, Dubai Court (UAE) and TATA Steel (Netherlands).
i. Accops customer base covers almost every Industry: BFSI, Education & Publishing, Energy & Infrastructure, FMCG & Retail, Service, Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing & Engineering, Telco & IT/ITES

SME Channel: Why should they prefer your solutions over the competition including VMware, Microsoft or Citrix, etc.?
Yadav: The biggest failure of VDI projects is that customers do not see the ROI from VDI projects. That’s the problem Accops solves. Accops solution enables and more simplified but cost effective VDI deployment. This is where Citrix and VMWare fails. While reducing overall TCO, customer does not loose on features, scalability and reliability. Citrix and VMWare solutions are costly and complex to deploy and manage. Application delivery solution from Citrix and VMWare eats into the ROI of the business application that the customer is trying to deploy, leading the customer to not adopt virtualization technology across the organization. Accops offers most cost effective and simplified solution compared to any another vendor in the market for virtual end user computing. Coupled with different delivery modules, owned Thinclient hardware and simpler and more integrated management suite from a single vendor, Accops deliver more value for money compared to others.

SME Channel: What would be your go to market strategy?
Yadav: Accops has proven customer base in India, Japan and EMEA. Most of the customer base is via channel partner network. Accops is working with its distributors across these regions to hire quality resellers and SI who are strong in delivering security and virtualization solutions to customers. Many of the established Citrix and VMWare partners are also interested in Accops because of the overall TCO benefits Accops can provide. We continue to hire, train and support our channel partner.

SME Channel: What is your plan around pan India coverage or footprint?
Yadav: We are hiring channel partners across India. Through our distributor BrightStar we have access to 300+ resellers. We also plan to hire another distributor to cover Sothern India.

SME Channel: What is there for the partners?
Yadav: We believe in making our channel network successful. We offer leads, POC support and free trainings to our partners. There are 2 training sessions that happens every month and anyone can attend those. We offer healthy margins to our partners. Once the partner is certified, partner can add value add services on top of our products.

SME Channel: How would you focus on marketing in 2018?

  1. Customers today are doing their own research, changing the rules of marketing dramatically. Engaging and smart content helps buyers make profitable purchase decisions. In 2018 Accops major focus would be on Content marketing via print and online media & social media marketing, building thought leadership.
  2. Accops main focus would be on partners enablement programs, organizing regular training for Partner/distributers & conducting online webinars with aim to enhance & build right skills for both sales as well as presales personals from partner organization

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