Remote access: Tech predictions for 2014

Monday, 30 December 2013 |

A decade back server virtualization was looked upon as a challenging task; whereas today enterprises are implementing more complex VDI set ups convincingly and successfully

BANGALORE, INDIA: Accops Network is a leading provider of application delivery and secures remote access solutions for Terminal Services, Application Virtualization, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures. Propalms provides a unique solution suite that helps organizations of any size to increase the efficiency of their business processes and productivity of their users & resources by making the corporate applications, data and network services available anytime, anywhere to any device. Propalms’s solution suite includes Propalms TSE for application virtualization over Microsoft Terminal Services, Propalms VDI for Virtual Desktop delivery using hypervisor from VMWare, Microsoft (Hyper-V), RedHat (KVM) & Parallels (PVC) and Propalms VPN, an enterprise-grade SSL VPN product.

Vijender Yadav, director, and CTO, Propalms shares some of the interesting 2014 tech predictions with CIOL readers;

Remote Access or virtualization has been a basis for recent technology enhancements in the application, networking, security, storage as well as end-point space. A decade back server virtualization was looked upon as a challenging task; whereas today enterprises are implementing more complex VDI setups convincingly and successfully. Till last year VDI was sounding very expensive and organizations were not able to justify ROI on VDI projects. During 2013, we found organizations taking the smarter approach by implementing a combination of dedicated and shared VDI to achieve faster ROI. Also, newer IT and business projects like mobility and BYOD are also forcing evolution in remote access and VDI space consistently. In the year 2014, we foresee these technologies becoming more advanced and affordable. We might see smaller organizations getting inclined towards public clouds. This is expected to increase penetration of business models like Application as Service or Desktop as Service in Indian SNE market.

Whereas in larger corporate and public sectors we are expected to see smarter implementations of VDI in order to roll out projects like mobility, BYOD, Work from Home, Global compliance, etc.

High-performance desktop virtualization is expected to be the trend for 2014. Organizations as on date are not able to use VDI for performance hungry setups. In 2014 we will find newer technologies which can deliver high-performance VDI environment. This is expected to introduce new market opportunities for VDI. Also, the introduction of few of the innovative unified technologies to address needs of mobility and BYOD markets is expected to be another focus area for 2014.

Technology vendors like Citrix, Propalms, VMWare, McAfee, Dell, and Hp are already working in these areas.The launch of Pano VDI client by Propalms is one such example. The overall market can expect many new exciting and innovative solutions and technologies in remote access and VDI space in 2014.

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