Hybrid VDI Deployment

HyWorks supports both session based desktops as well as dedicated virtual desktop based VDI. Administrator can add a Microsoft RDS server for session based desktop. Dedicated virtual desktops can be created, managed and delivered by adding VMWare vCenter, VMWare ESX, Microsoft Hyper-V or SCVMM.

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Device Management

When a HyDesk device or a PC running HyWorks client is available on network, the device automatically registers with HyWorks controller and is available for management from the console. Administrator can view the status of the device, sessions and modify the device properties. Administrator can also push updates to the devices as they are available.Alerts management can be done from HyWorks for devices which require attention.

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Application Delivery

HyWorks makes application delivery to end users simple. Administrator can source applications from difference sources, like applications installed on Microsoft RDS server, Microsoft App-V or through application streaming products, and deliver the subset to end users. The applications get seamlessly integrated to user’s PC, virtual desktop of the user or are available in the user portal. User can access these applications using any device they use.

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Desktop Pool Management

Hyworks provides flexible pooling mechanism, including unique device based pools as well as user based pools. Support for permanent and temporary allocation enables users to have right user experience based on their profile. Virtual desktops within a pool can be recomposed when a new template is available.

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Desktop Provisioning

HyWorks provides virtual desktop provisioning support for VMWare and Hyper-v based virtual desktops. HyWorks can create both linked-clones as well asfull clones for VMWare based platform. It is possible to enable sysprep from HyWorks console, enabling administrators to provision hundreds of virtual desktops in few clicks.

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Flexible Authentication

HyWorks integrates with Microsoft active directory domain as well as Novell e-Directory & LDAP for user authentication and authorization.Desktops can be assigned to users, group or OU. HyWorks supports Workgroup environment (best suited for small organization) as well.

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Power Management

HyWorks can manage the power operations for the virtual desktops as well as the connected devices. If the devices are idle for a certain duration, the devices can automatically go into standby state, thus saving power consumed by device and the monitor. HyWorks can also manage power operations of the virtual desktops based on policies.

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Detailed Auditing & Logging

Administrator can view detailed logs created by various components on the management console. The activities of the device can also be pulled from the device and used for troubleshooting purpose.

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High Availability

HyWorks Controller can be deployed in a high availability cluster to provide a fail-safe scalable deployment.The devices running HyWorks client and HyDesk devices also support failover to an alternate HyWorks controller in case the primary server is not available.

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Session based desktop based on Desktop Pools
Microsoft Windows RDS Server 2012 R2 Full and linked clones
Microsoft Windows RDS Server 2008 R2 Permanant & Temporary Desktops
Ubuntu/CentOS based terminal Server Power Management of virtual Desktops
Dedicated Virtual Desktop OS Auto-expand pool
Microsoft Windows 7 Desktop customization using SysPrep
VMWare vCenter 5.0 or above Device based Perpetual license
VMWare ESX 5.0 or above Concurrent session based Perpetual licnsing
Microsoft Windows Server With Hyper-v 2012 R2 Pay-as-you-go model
Microsoft SCVMM 2012 R2
Microsoft Active Directory HyDesk Device
Novell E-Directory PC with HyDesk Clients
LDAP User Identity
Workgroup Group/OU
Radius (via HyID) Shared hosted desktop assignment
SMS/Email/Mobile OTP Token (via HyID) One to One assignment
Authentication cascading and failover Auto-assign desktop on first login
Authentication server monitoring & alert Permanent & temporary assignment
Display Configuration Monitor Device availability status
Device setting like volume,USB ports Session status
USB port redirection driver management Idel session status
Device lock down settings Timeout idles automatically
Device UI Option security and control Manually terminate sessions
Device power save settings Virtual desktop power status
Language and Keyboard setting Manage power operations
Device diagnostic control and log collection Authentication server reachability status
Grouping of devices for easier management Hypervisor reachability status
Firmware auto-updates
Logging and reporting HyDesk devices
User logs HyWorks Clients for PC
Admin logs Microsoft Windows 7
Device logs Microsoft Windows 8/8.1
Alerts Microsoft Windows 10
Log archiving Ubantu 12.04 or higher
Automated & Manual Configuration Backup Accops HyOS
Email alerts and logs via Email Accops HyLite Web Portal
Cluster Management HyWorks Client SDK for Thin client integration
Alternate Controller setup

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