SVC Bank Replaces Citrix with Propalms TSE

With a pan-India presence comprising 158 branches spread across all major cities and towns in the country, SVC Bank is a pioneer in the co-operative banking sector with roots going back to 1906. It is also the first bank in the country to develop Banking Software that provides a Single Window Core Banking Solution – aptly branded as ‘Genius’. Over the years, SVC Bank has successfully inter-connected all of its branches and ATMs and joined the NFS Network to provide its customers with convenient access to a network of more than 110,000 ATMs throughout India. Today, SVC Bank remains the ONLY Co-op Bank providing RTGS and NEFT services to its customers on an STP (Straight through Processing) mode.

SVC Bank has been using Citrix for many years to deliver the ‘Genuis’ application to their users and their customers from their private data center. Over the years, Citrix released new versions and discontinued support for older versions. Citrix cost was also becoming a problem for the bank. To continue with Citrix, the bank needed to upgrade all of its application infrastructures, including the redevelopment of its core applications, which could cost the bank huge amount.

Accops team delivered the same functionality of Citrix with the TSE solution. TSE enabled the bank to continue to deliver the applications without the cost of application redevelopment. The expansion license cost also reduced significantly with TSE solution. SVC Bank also adopted Accops HySecure and HyID solution to provide secure remote access to a data center for their IT team, which resulted in faster resolution of support issues.

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