Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute Goes VDI

RGCIRC is India’s best cancer hospital & research center in India. Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center have been providing high-quality diagnostic, treatment and multi-disciplinary care for cancer patients for the last 16 years.

RGCIRC wanted to consolidate their desktop management spread across the hospital and research center. Existing PCs which had completed their life span were to be replaced and so it was a right opportunity for RGCIRC IT team to replace their desktops with a new solution that will provide better ROI. The IT team tested several VDI & thin client based solution and found Accops HyWorks and HyDesk to be more integrated with simplified administration.

RGCIRC has replaced more than 50% of the PCs with HyDesk devices and full VDI running on VMWare ESX.

“RGCI&RC has a large campus with around 350 PC users distributed across multiple buildings and floors. With limited IT staff, we had to address to desktop management requests coming from various departments, especially doctors and nurses. Most of the IT team’s time was spent going from one floor to another floor addressing desktop and application issues. To centralize the desktop management, we looked at Citrix VDI and Accops VDI. We found that functionally both the products fit our requirements. The TCO for Citrix solution was way higher and so we decided to go for Accops for cost and better support reasons. Getting acceptance from end users was our main concern as doctors do not like too many changes. Accops support team made sure that all deployment related issues are knocked off and users were comfortable through the transition from PC to thin clients. Accops raised the bar quite high with respect to my expectation of service and support from a vendor.”

J. P. Dwivedi
Chief Information Officer

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