BAG Network achieves secure network access from standalone datacenter, through Propalms Solutions

Monday, 7 October 2013 |

A decade back server virtualization was looked upon as a challenging task; whereas today enterprises are implementing more complex VDI set ups convincingly and successfully

BANGALORE, INDIA: B.A.G. Network (News24 Broadcast India Ltd), a large production house based in Noida, has selected Propalms TSE and Propalms OneGate to provide secure network connectivity and access for its partners across their different branches through a standalone datacenter.

This has helped the partners to access their critical business applications related to B.A.G., at any time and from anywhere. With Propalms’ solutions, B.A.G. Network is now able to deliver enhanced scalability and high performance to their users spread across different branches and the partner companies for accessing their business applications.

B.A.G. Network used BMS and Tally ERP in their current setup for editing and publishing TV software, digital content, advertisements, etc., for different companies and news channels. They had extended the same setup to partner companies and provided services over the software.

A secure connection from partner networks to B.A.G. datacenter was a challenge for B.A.G’s IT team. They had to manage these applications on partner’s end as well. B.A.G. Network’s IT team were looking out for an application delivery solution that will help them deliver the business applications to their users, spread across different branches and the partner companies through a single point of control. Since partners were not part of the private WAN network of B.A.G. Films, they were looking out for a solution that supported secure access over the internet.

The B.A.G. Network evaluated various solutions including market leader products. But, no single vendor could provide the combination of application virtualization as well as a secure VPN solution. Mikroz InfoSecurity Pvt Ltd, a Propalms authorized and certified gold partner demonstrated and helped B.A.G. select and successfully deploy Propalms’ TSE and OneGate which satisfied both application virtualization as well as seamless VPN connectivity.

Accops, with on-site coordination and assistance from their gold partner Mikroz InfoSecurity, deployed OneGate for secure connectivity between end-user machines and the datacenter. Propalms OneGate proved to be a zero management VPN solution. Propalms VPN ensured, only authorized users could login into the TSE servers to reach the application. Propalms TSE provided a virtual application instance to each user so that they can access the application anytime – anywhere and feed data to the application.

Benefits after deploying the Propalms’ Solution:

  • The B.A.G. Network IT team had to manage only the datacenter servers and they had less worry about the end user access desktops and management servers.
  • The users were able to get connected to the network and business applications and hence the support calls and productivity losses reduced by 50 percent within the first month.
  • The Propalms TSE and OneGate solutions helped B.A.G. for their partners and customers to achieve strict control over data access and full audit capabilities.

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