Accops launches multi-factor authentication solution for enterprises

Tuesday, 05 September 2017 |

Majority of the security issues in today’s world originates because of Identity theft, phishing, and weak authentication schemes

BANGALORE, INDIA: Propalms, a leading provider of server-based computing technology based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, VDI, and Enterprise remote access solutions, has launched two-factor authentication solution “ProID” with concurrency based licensing policy. ProID is a One Time Password based solution that ensures strong multi-factor authentication for enterprise applications. Propalms is the first ever OTP solution provider to offer concurrent user licensing. ProID is an addition to the Propalms product portfolio which has strengthened Propalms’ unique solution offerings in the security space.

Majority of the security issues in today’s world originates because of Identity theft, phishing, and weak authentication schemes. Propalms ProID enables organizations to implement stronger authentication schemes by providing strong security and also maintaining the cost of implementation very low. Rather than using static username and passwords which are prone to identity theft, Propalms ProID facilitates user login by having a unique password for every user every time the user logs into the enterprise systems.

The One Time Password can be generated by a hardware token, a mobile token, a software token on user PC or a USB token. Another approach is to deliver the One-Time-Password via SMS, Email or IVR call. Having a variety of OTP delivery mechanisms enables organizations to pick and choose the most suitable method for one set of user and chose another model for another set of users, all from one single deployment of the solution.

Having support for external authentication servers is not a common thing in corporate applications. Generally, the customer has to chase the application vendor to add support for stronger authentication methods to meet the compliance. Propalms ProID, when deployed with Propalms OneGate solution enables organizations to secure all their applications out of the box without needing any modifications in the applications with strong multi-factor authentication. The best part of the solution is that the licensing of ProID is not based on named users but based on concurrency of the user. Propalms provides its own branded hardware tokens, as well as it can support any OpenAuth compatible hardware tokens.

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