Accops Conduct Partner, CIO Connect Outreach In Coimbatore

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 |

Coimbatore: Pune based virtualization leader Accops had recently conducted a partner and CIO outreach in Coimbatore. The partner event was on the format of a round table discussion and the CIO event was partnered with the Coimbatore chapter of CIO Klub.

M Punitha, from Netcon technologies, N Gopalakrishnan from Velmayil Innfo Services, S Balaji from Vyapini technologies and Krishnakumar Anandan from Phalgune InfoTech were the participants on the channel round table.

Speaking on the key issues of the Coimbatore market, Punitha kick-started the session by telling that the mindset of the decision makers in thinking once or twice before changing it matters. She pointed out that in many organizations, the decision makers might have to consider all aspects before taking a decision. Agreeing that Krishnakumar said that the market is fully a relationship-driven market and compared to the other markets, the welcoming for technology is high. However, despite being on the potential markets, many OEMs do not prefer coming here.

Gopalakrishnan said that most of the cases, it is the second generation entrepreneurs had come into picture. “Many had seen the western and European education. Even though if they do not know the enterprise aspect of the technology, with their cognizance in the consumer segment, they can understand on the enterprise perspective.” , he added. Balaji threw light on the increase in the awareness on data protection among the organizations. According to him there is increasing awareness on the data security and VDI across industries especially in the manufacturing segments.

Moving away from the product-centric:

On one point, where all the participants agreed was the market was moving from product-specific to technology specific. “Days are gone where the customers ask for a brand. Now, they are looking only for a technology. They say their areas of pain-points and we provide solutions. “ Krishnakumar said. Another aspect every participant agreed upon was there was that budget was never an issue in any organization and there are least chances an order goes out of hands because of budget constrains. “We see this as a relationship-driven business. Many partners here would have worked for a long time with customers. Thus, more than anything else, it will always be the partner’s advises and suggestions that will make the things work.”, Krishnakumar said further adding that the customer expects tech support from the OEMs as equal to the metros. “In many cases, the turn-around-time on critical issues are around 40days which is very critical for many business.”

Addressing the participants, Mohan Bhat, Co-founder, Accops, said, “Gone are the days when the business is constraint to only metropolitan, with the advancement in infrastructure & digitalization, the organization in tier 2 & tier 3 cities are giving much fierce competition to Metro cities. With a rapid industry growth & increase in data security attack opened door to new opportunities & a great potential market for the IT Security companies & Partners. Nowadays, instead of restricting to specific brand, organizations are considerably more open to explore new products, they are now being more focused on the product Quality & customer support services.”

The following day, Accops and CIO Klub conducted a solution awareness event along with their partner Keshav InfoTech. The event had participations from many CIO members from the association. As a special invitee, Shreesh Patwardhan from the Pune chapter of CIO Klub gave a testimonial on Accops during the event.

“In recent years, over one-third of organizations had experienced a data breach & security threats which further resulted in an average revenue loss of more than 30 percent, these attacks had coerced organizations to shift towards more secure IT infrastructure & data Security. VDI is one such solution that provides the complete security over the infrastructure & enables IT teams, to control the endpoint & data threats. Using Workspace Virtualization organization can consolidate desktops & applications in a centralized repository that can be securely accessed by the authorized person using any device & at any location.”

Sreenivasa M E, Balaji Natarajan and Easwaran from Brightstar, the distribution partner of Accops participated and explained how, as a value-added-distributor, they can support the entire eco-system.

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