HyID Features


Detailed Auditing & Monitoring

With HylD, Organizations can track and audit who  accessed the corporate resources, when and from where and if the access had certain risk associated with it. HylD reports the endpoint details which can help track  the location of access.


HyID is available as part of HySecure gateway. HyID can be bought as a standalone product (no HySecure functions) or as an add-on license to HySecure. HyID supports  high availability  and failover.

Flexible Token Support

HyID provides One-Time-Password via multiple tokens including SMS, Email, PC Software and Mobile Application. HyID can also integrate with any OATH compliant  hardware  token.

Integrate with Any Application

HylD provides REST based API to be integrated with any Application. The REST based API are very simple and provides  a workflow  for  any  developer  to integrate in
any application that needs to be protected by multi- factor authentication.

Protect Network Logins

HylD has built-in RADIUS and TACACS based interface to integrate with any managed network equipment that supports two factor authentication via RADIUS and TACACS protocol. Almost all Firewalls, NAC devices, Managed routers and switches enables two factor authentication for administrator user logins. HyID can ensure strong authentication for such privilege user access to these network devices.

Protect Desktop Logins

As the entry point to any corporate work space access is the Desktop or the Shell access, HyID can protect the Microsoft Windows Login, Linux Console login and Shell login using multi-factor authentication. When installed, HyID client for Windows OS, secures the Windows Desktop OS as well as Windows Server OS with strong authentication. If a user is remotely logging into a Windows Desktop or Server using RDP, the user must pass through two factor authentication. Linux desktop & server console as well as shell access also can be secured  with HyID

Privilege Access Audit & Control

Using HyID, organizations can track, control and audit privilege access by the IT teams, support teams, developers and consultants who needs administrative privilege to systems for their regular work. The challenge arrives when the organization cannot track exactly who used the privilege user accounts like local and domain Administrator accounts. This can lead to grave security issues and leave the organization without any tracking of the security breach. HyID ensures that power users must present their personal domain accounts to use the privilege user accounts. Based on dynamic risk based policies, the users might be required to enter additional authentication methods like OTP and Biometric.

Multi-Factor Authentication

HyID secures corporate resources with multiple factor authentication techniques. HylD can enable One-Time- Password  based protection on top standard  username  and password based authentication. HyID can also use Biometrics authentication to secure corporate resources. HyID can calculate the risk of the access incidence and based on that  require the  user to authenticate  using strong authentication. Risk is calculated based on user‘s location, device  used, browser  used, access time and more parameters. HyID also ensures a   smooth
experience for the end users with flexible but secure policy framework. Administrators can customize the level of security to be enforced on end users.

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