Propalms launches multi-factor authentication solution for enterprises

Wednesday, November 13, 2013, 02:48 AM

Majority of the security issues in today’s world originates because of Identity theft, phishing and weak authentication schemes

BANGALORE, INDIA: Propalms, a leading provider of server based computing technology based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, VDI and Enterprise remote access solutions, has launched two factor authentication solution “ProID” with concurrency based licensing policy. ProID is a One Time Password based solution that ensures strong multi-factor authentication for enterprise applications. Propalms is the first ever OTP solution provider to offer concurrent user licensing. ProID is an addition to the Propalms product portfolio which has strengthened Propalms’ unique solution offerings in the security space.

Majority of the security issues in today’s world originates because of Identity theft, phishing and weak authentication schemes. Propalms ProID enables organizations to implement stronger authentication schemes by providing strong security and also maintaining the cost of implementation very low. Rather than using static username and passwords which are prone to identity theft, Propalms ProID facilitates user login by having a unique password for every user every time the user logs into the enterprise systems.

The One Time Password can be generated by a hardware token, a mobile token, a software token on user PC or a USB token. Another approach is to deliver the One-Time-Password via SMS, Email or IVR call. Having a variety of OTP delivery mechanisms enables organizations to pick and choose the most suitable method for one set of user and chose another model for another set of users, all from one single deployment of the solution.

Having support for external authentication servers is not a common thing in corporate applications. Generally the customer has to chase the application vendor to add support for stronger authentication methods to meet the compliance. Propalms ProID when deployed with Propalms OneGate solution enables organizations to secure all their applications out of the box without needing any modifications in the applications with strong multi-factor authentication. The best part of the solution is that the licensing of ProID is not based on named users but based on concurrency of the user. Propalms provides its own branded hardware tokens, as well as it can support any OpenAuth compatible hardware tokens.

Impact of BYOD on your Network & How to Handle it

Friday, November 8, 2013, 02:32 AM

One of the most talked about concepts after mobility over last couple of years in Global IT markets has been BYOD (Bring your Own Device). The term itself was introduced in India in 2011. As the concept was derived from objectives like reducing cost of IT, and use of mobility for business enhancement; acceptance for BYOD in Indian market was very high in the initial phase as compared to global markets. There are many CXO who took BYOD initiatives in their organization. Few of them were able to roll it out successfully; whereas in many environments, the roll outs were not so successful. Enabling BYOD may sound as simple as extending your organization’s resources to employees’ devices, but it requires attention and changes in multiple areas in a given IT set up.

Right from connectivity, setting up device standards for BYOD, device enrollment or authorization, application availability and compatibility with varied end user devices, device based granular resource access control, security of enterprise network from threats like viruses, trojans, malwares, etc., controlling business data over user device, security of corporate Intellectual property or assets while extending access to unmanaged devices, and few other aspects.

Today there are many different technologies like MDM (Mobile Device Management), MAM (Mobile Application Management), DLP (Data Leak Prevention, Mobile security Software, etc. that are available to address these concerns. However, there is no unified solution available as on date.

Why Focus on Virtualization in 2014 for Channel Partners?

Sunday, February 9, 2014, 10:32 AM

With ever evolving market conditions, technology needs of Indian Enterprise and corporate segment has been growing exponentially over last decade. In order to achieve balance between growing business needs and IT expenses Indian CTOs, CIOs and IT Heads took a smarter technology approach which is Virtualization. Decade back we started talking about Server virtualization and within a short span virtualization became a buzz word in technology space. Today almost every component of technology is getting virtualized; may it be hardware, network, application, OS, Data, Storage or probably any other thing that you can think of in technology. Almost everything is getting virtualized. Today virtualization is undoubtedly the biggest business opportunity in Indian environment.

With the evolution in Virtualization techniques, cost of virtualization is expected to reduce in near future. This is expected to increase viability of projects and more rampant implementations across industry segments.

Studies show that Desktop Virtualization can reduce TCO of IT Infrastructure by 40%. Smarter implementation using various technology options can reduce it even up to 60%. In adverse market conditions with ever reducing IT budgets CIOs and CTOs in India are looking at virtualization as the only and perfect solution for their current challenges. Acceptance to VDI technology in India has been higher compare to global standards also cause of conservative but foresighted nature of Indian business houses. Indian Enterprises could foresee business benefits of virtualization very early and hence acceptance to technology has been much faster.

There has been few initial failures couple of years back cause of lack of awareness, expertise, and comprehensive solutions; but now India is fully geared up with right set of technology solutions and skill sets for a great augmentation ofvirtualization in 2014.

This technology shift from physical to virtual environment demands lot of domain expertise which opens new source of opportunities for channel community in India. The large National System Integrators in country like Wipro, HCL, IBM, Data Dimension, etc. has been working on building skill sets for virtualization over last few years. But that is not enough for a large country like India. Gone are the days of high volume hardware business. With growing competition even operating margins for channel partners in traditional licensing business has also been shrinking drastically over last few years. In these challenging circumstances, it is important that regional System Integrators and large Resellers also need to prepare themselves to adapt to changing market needs. Virtualization is as on date a highly complex domain and it requires skilled resources for successful implementation. Therefore in case SI carries expertise in this domain then market is wide open. If focused on virtualization, partners can enjoy higher margins in product business as well as earn sizable services revenue which can increase their bottom lines exponentially. Right from project planning, solution designing, hardware sizing, project implementation, roll out and administration every stage requires skilled resources.

Those channel partners who had been traditionally involved in server, storage and networking business over the years; for them getting into virtualization is not really a difficult task. Rather, it’s just another domain which they can easily master themselves in. Cause successful virtualization requires expertise and knowledge of all these domains. Therefore for all these SI and Resellers, Virtualization is a next big business opportunity.

As on date virtualization is been practiced or implemented majorly in large enterprise and corporate sectors in India. In 2014, we are expecting Indian SME’s to take virtualization path in order to reduce their cost of IT and maintain or increase business profitability during these volatile and highly competitive market circumstances.

In 2014, Large Enterprises and corporate are expected to implement and roll out highly complex Desktop Virtualization and Storage Virtualization kind of projects; whereas SME’s are expected to provide large number of Server Virtualization and Application Virtualization opportunities. There is one more market area which is expected to contribute to virtualization business growth in India that is; new enterprise set ups. In 2014, we will observe that organizations which are setting up new businesses or infrastructures shall adapt and implement virtualization set ups from initial stage rather than going for traditional IT set ups. India has 48.8 million SMEs spread across country and with government initiatives and increasing numbers of SEZs and Industrial units; these numbers are expected to grow more than 5% in 2014. Channel partners can find sizable numbers of virtualization opportunities out of these as well.

Over all, Virtualization is need of hour for both enterprises as well as channel community in 2014. Both have to gear up themselves for this revolution in technology. For channel community it is more important cause if not, they can be left behind or can even be eliminated in this competitive and evolving market. So; take a step forward and say yes to virtualization business.

Remote access: Tech predictions for 2014

Monday, December 30, 2013, 10:27 AM

A decade back server virtualization was looked upon as a challenging task; whereas today enterprises are implementing more complex VDI set ups convincingly and successfully

BANGALORE, INDIA: Propalms Network is a leading provider of application delivery and secure remote access solutions for Terminal Services, Application Virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructures. Propalms provides a unique solution suite that helps organizations of any size to increase efficiency of their business processes and productivity of their users & resources by making the corporate applications, data and network services available anytime, anywhere to any device. Propalms’s solution suite includes Propalms TSE for application virtualization over Microsoft Terminal Services, Propalms VDI for Virtual Desktop delivery using hypervisor from VMWare, Microsoft (Hyper-V), RedHat (KVM) & Parallels (PVC) and Propalms VPN, an enterprise grade SSL VPN product.

Vijender Yadav, director and CTO, Propalms shares some of the intresting 2014 tech predictions with CIOL readers;

Remote Access or virtualization has been basis of recent technology enhancements in the application, networking, security, storage as well as end point space. A decade back server virtualization was looked upon as a challenging task; whereas today enterprises are implementing more complex VDI set ups convincingly and successfully. Till last year VDI was sounding very expensive and organizations were not able to justify ROI on VDI projects. During 2013, we found organizations taking smarter approach by implementing combination of dedicated and shared VDI to achieve faster ROI. Also newer IT and business projects like mobility and BYOD are also forcing evolution in remote access and VDI space consistently. In year 2014 we foresee these technologies becoming more advance and affordable. We might see smaller organizations getting inclined towards public clouds. This is expected to increase penetration of business models like Application as Service or Desktop as Service in Indian SNE market.

Whereas in larger corporate and public sectors we are expected to see smarter implementations of VDI in order to roll out projects like mobility, BYOD, Work from Home, Global compliance, etc.

High performance desktop virtualization is expected to be trend for 2014. Organizations as on date are not able to use VDI for performance hungry set ups. In 2014 we will find newer technologies which can deliver high performance VDI environment. This is expected to introduce new market opportunities for VDI. Also introduction of few of the innovative unified technologies to address needs of mobility and BYOD markets is expected to be another focus area for 2014.

Technology vendors like Citrix, Propalms, VMWare, McAfee, Dell and Hp are already working in these areas. Launch of Pano VDI client by Propalms is one such example. Overall market can expect many new exciting and innovative solutions and technologies in remote access and VDI space in 2014.

BAG Network achieves secure network access from standalone datacenter, through Propalms Solutions

Monday, October 7, 2013, 05:52 AM

BANGALORE, INDIA:B.A.G. Network (News24 Broadcast India Ltd), a large production house based in Noida, has selected Propalms TSE and Propalms OneGate to provide secure network connectivity and access for its partners across their different branches through a standalone datacenter.

This has helped the partners to access their critical business applications related to B.A.G., at anytime and from anywhere. With Propalms’ solutions B.A.G. Network is now able to deliver enhanced scalability and high performance to their users spread across different branches and the partner companies for accessing their business applications.

B.A.G. Network used BMS and Tally ERP in their current setup for editing and publishing TV software, digital content, advertisements, etc., for different companies and news channels. They had extended the same setup to partner companies and provided services over the software.

Secure connection from partner networks to B.A.G. datacenter was a challenge for B.A.G’s IT team. They had to manage these applications on partner’s end as well. B.A.G. Network’s IT team were looking out for an application delivery solution that will help them deliver the business applications to their users, pread across different branches and the partner companies through a single point of control. Since partners were not part of the private WAN network of B.A.G. Films, they were looking out for a solution that supported secure access over Internet.

The B.A.G. Network evaluated various solutions including market leader products. But, no single vendor could provide the combination of application virtualization as well as a secure VPN solution. Mikroz InfoSecurity Pvt Ltd, a Propalms authorised and certified gold partner demonstrated and helped B.A.G. select and successfully deploy Propalms’ TSE and OneGate which satisfied both application virtualization as well as seamless VPN connectivity.

Propalms, with on-site coordination and assistance from their gold partner Mikroz InfoSecurity, deployed OneGate for secure connectivity between end user machines and the datacenter. Propalms OneGate proved to be a zero management VPN solution. Propalms VPN ensured, only authorized users could login into the TSE servers to reach the application. Propalms TSE provided a virtual application instance to each user so that they can access the application anytime – anywhere and feed data to the application.

Benefits after deploying the Propalms’ Solution:

* The B.A.G. Network IT team had to manage only the datacenter servers and they had less worry about the end user access desktops and management servers.

* The users were able to get connected to the network and business applications and hence the support calls and productivity losses reduced by 50 percent within the first month.

* The Propalms TSE and OneGate solutions helped B.A.G. for their partners and customers to achieve strict control over data access and full audit capabilities.

Propalms Announces Integrated VDI And Application Delivery

Monday, April 15, 2013, 01:53 PM

Propalms, the provider of server based computing technology based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Hypervisor based VDI and Enterprise remote access solutions, launched Propalms TSE 7.0 which supports latest Microsoft Remote desktop protocol RDP 8.0 on top of Windows Server 2012. The latest version is a comprehensive solution to implement shared hosted desktop VDI and virtualise Windows applications using the RDP 8.0 protocol that is claimed to beat Citrix ICA protocol. Propalms plans to go aggressive with this solution as it has better features and security aspects as compared to the competition.

Propalms TSE 7.0 is a complete Server Based Management solution that extends Microsoft Remote Desktop 2000/2003, 2008 and 2012 offering features such as Application Publishing, Virtual Desktop Broker, Seamless Windows, Resource based Load Balancing, Simple Web based Management, Session Management, Server Health Monitoring, Reporting, Virtual IP, Single Port Relay, Universal Print Driver, Application Access via Desktop Shortcut, Windows Start Menu or Browser-based Application LaunchPad. Propalms TSE 7.0 has tons of features to provide a great management platform on top of Windows 2012. When combined with Propalms OneGate platform, Enterprise SSL VPN solution, it delivers enhanced secure platform, to securely and efficiently deliver the business critical applications to users irrespective of their location.

Vijender Yadav, VP of Product Development at Propalms said “Hypervisor based VDI solutions are very costly for customers and the adoption is also very slow. But shared hosted desktops based VDI which are based on Microsoft Remote Desktop services are cost effective and simple to deploy. With RDP 8.0 customers can take full advantage of centralising the applications in datacentre with best end user experience. Coupled with Propalms OneGate security platform we offer a unique solution to our customers who does not need to look anywhere else for all of their application delivery and secure remote access needs.”

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