HyWorks enables businesses to Virtualize applications & desktops in data center or cloud and securely deliver to end users

Accops HyWorks is a solution suite comprising of software and hardware to create, manage and deliver hosted applications & virtual desktop from the datacenter. HyWorks provides core services to create and manage host application environment, virtual desktop, provisioning services for virtual desktop, connection brokering, authentication and authorization and auditing services.

HyWorks management software stack is complemented with HyDesk endpoint hardware family to provide integrated, cost-effective, end to end virtual computing solution. HyWorks provides 360-degree management of the endpoint devices as well, making it a single window solution to manage & deliver applications & desktops to endpoints across the organization.


Accops HyWorks helps customers to simplify VDI deployment and helps extract full benefits of Desktop & Application Virtualization.

Server Computing

Migrate applications to data-center and replace thick PC computing with server-based computing

Centralize Control

Control & Manage distributed devices, virtual desktops and applications from central location

Secure Access

Secure access to Application from anywhere & any device

Replace Old Desktops

Replace old desktop PCs with smart HyDesk devices

Hyworks enables Organization of any size to consolidate their Application & Desktop Computing to Data Center and Deliver the same as Virtual Workspace

  • Dashboard

    All virtual desktop management in a single pane

  • Endpoint Management

    Simple, Web-based management of distributed devices

  • Desktop Pooling

    Pool thousands of virtual desktops and manage then easily

  • Desktop Provisioning

    Deploy new virtual desktops in minutes


Endpoint Management

Desktop Pooling

Desktop Provisioning

Coupled with a simpler and more integrated management suite, Accops deliver most cost effective & Secured Solution compared to other Vendors.

Features Accops Others
Application Virtualization
Shared Hosted Desktops
Dedicated Virtual Desktops
Integrated Endpoint Management
Thinclients & Zeroclients
Secure Access Gateway Limited
Two factor authentication
Endpoint Security Limited
Endpoint device lockdown and control Limited
Clientless Access
VM Provisioning
Linked Clones with VMWare
Linked Clones with SCVMM/Hyper-v
VDI Firewall
Secure Browser Limited
Secure Browser over Linux Limited
USB Redirection Limited
DLP controls Limited
Support for Cloud Deployments Limited

Learn more detailed information about Accops HyWorks with the following frequently asked questions.

What is Accops HyWorks Solution?

Accops HyWorks is a family of Desktop and Application Virtualization solutions designed to deliver Desktops (Both Windows and Linux) and individual Applications installed on them.

Why should I go for Accops HyWorks?

With HyWorks, Accops extends the power of virtualization—from data centres to devices—to deliver desktops and applications with great user experience, closed-loop manageability, and hybrid- cloud flexibility.

What all hypervisors does it support?

Accops HyWorks supports Major Hypervisors in market like VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V

On which OS can we access these Desktops and Applications?

Yes, Applications and Desktops are accessible on all the major OS platforms, Windows, Linux, MAC, iOS and Android. We have clients available for all of them.

How is Accops HyWorks Licensed?

The Accops HyWorks editions are available in two license models:
- Per named user (NU) – For virtual environments with staff that require dedicated access to a virtual machine throughout the day.
- Perpetual per concurrent connection (CCU) – For virtual environments with a high number of users who share machines throughout the day, such as students and shift workers. A concurrent connection is defined as a powered-on VM and connected virtual desktop session. Here organizations own the licenses.

How do I get Accops HyWorks clients for my client machines?

No matter what OS you use, you can access applications as well as Desktops (Dedicated and Shared) on all. You can download the clients from support.accops.com

Can I upgrade from Propalms TSE to Accops HyWorks?

Definitely...!! In case you are using Legacy version, i.e. Propalms TSE for applications access, you can upgrade your environment to Accops HyWorks. Just contact Accops Support Team and we are good to go. You can contact Accops support team by sending a mail to support@accops.com.

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